Linkstorm VIII

A new public post by Moldbug: (…) Protocol transparency means banning secret Internet protocols, at least for monopolies. Governments can tame the platform dragons—tame, not slay, though they will squeal as if being slain—by compelling them to use only free, published network protocols. (…) Woke religion is hindering space exploration, according to the National Review: “(…) The idea that after half a century without a … Continue reading Linkstorm VIII

Linkstorm VII

From J. Simpkin’s new installment of his Necro-Ethics series on drone warfare: “(…) with the advent of the drone the temptations of a technological fix raised its head once more. This time around, the precision strike capability drones supposedly possessed would ensure kills without casualties. Strategists were also seduced by the apparent opportunity drone warfare presented for flipping the script of insurgents’ asymmetric tactics back … Continue reading Linkstorm VII

Linkstorm VI

Some funny mathematical jokes on Big Game Hunting: “(…) We place a spherical cage in the desert, enter it, and lock it. We perform an inversion with respect to the cage. The lion is then in the interior of the cage, and we are outside.(…)” The Other Life Course on Leo Strauss, with Michael Millerman (PhD), has been already announced (and provided a reading list): … Continue reading Linkstorm VI

Linkstorm V

Geoff Shullenberger’s new article for The New Atlantis, on predictions for the election: “(…) When reality and a model of that reality appear to be mismatched, in other words, we may discard the model, or we may discard reality. (…)” James’ Simpkin’s new Medium article in his series about drone warfare and Necro-Ethics (read the whole thing): “(…) Possibly it is easier to harm a … Continue reading Linkstorm V

“Christianity is gay” II: a second note on evolutionary memetics

Identification of Christianity as a negative influence over Western civilization is not exclusive to revolutionaries in the so-called “Left”. The connection was also made by members of the alt-right’s precursors in Europe, the 1970s French Nouvelle droite. The movement, exemplified by authors such as Alain the Benoist and Guillaume Faye, combined the tactics of the Gramscian New Left with identitarian and Traditionalist ideas such as … Continue reading “Christianity is gay” II: a second note on evolutionary memetics

Linkstorm IV

How Big Tech seduced the Left, by Geoff Shullenberger: “(…) Information technology does not enable either freedom or control: it facilitates both at once. Because they did not recognise this dual potentiality in 1964, Savio and his fellow activists could not foresee that that the insertion of human beings into technological systems would not be imposed by faceless, repressive power structures. (…)” Principles of Coronademonology … Continue reading Linkstorm IV

“Christianity is gay”: a short note on evolutionary memetics

Today’s memetic environment is steeped in questions of sex and gender; specifically, the female ones. The protagonism of biopolitics already is a key feature of 21st century culture. It will be even more so as soon as the demographic crisis looming hits, especially if we keep focusing in technical solutions for it. Science and technology have a tendency for creating at least as many new … Continue reading “Christianity is gay”: a short note on evolutionary memetics

Linkstorm III

On Internet Topology: “(…) The internet as territory is more similar to multidimensional foam than it is to the plane. This has profound implications for those institutions that transfer or that originate wholly within the space of the Internet. (…)” Very interesting Political Analysis of WitchTok by Esmé Partridge: ” (…) On the one hand, it is likely conscious of itself in this regard; it … Continue reading Linkstorm III

Memetic Crystal Ball: a peek into the future of Pablo Iglesias

Narrative is made of tropes, storytelling devices that are recognizable within a specific culture. Thus, a trope is a type of meme; specifically a meme put in the service of a story. Archetypal characters, locations, and situations, such as the Big Bad Wolf , Arcadia, or the Mexican Standoff are all examples of tropes. By the tropes used, one can usually tell when a story … Continue reading Memetic Crystal Ball: a peek into the future of Pablo Iglesias

Linkstorm II

Some Notes on Narrative, from our good friend Sonya Mann: (…) narrative is about drawing a salience line. You could say that narrative is a way to relate connections, but given that for each of us, our perception is the reality that we occupy — perhaps narrative creates the connections. (…) From Real Life Mag, on Google Earth and “the World’s best selfie”: “(…) The smooth, … Continue reading Linkstorm II