Linkstorm I

From Outsider Theories, a three-part essay (1, 2, 3) on Cynical Theories, by Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay:

(…) Just as autoimmune responses cause the immune system to attack the body’s own organs as if they were invaders, postmodern “skepticism” attacks the core convictions of the liberalism out of which it emerged (…)

From type studies, reflections on the qualities Being:

(…) in attempt to unite with the supreme, we replicate the dualisms that are incompatible with spirit, with the supreme oneness. sacrifice and scapegoating are often hollow efforts to participate in the hallowed unity of all, kept behind a veil of our ordering knowledge of good and evil (…)

Meanwhile, a war seems to have started for the Nagorny-Karabakh region, between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Context here, placing more emphasis on internal than on external variables:

(…) The fundamental issue at the heart of the unresolved Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict is the disputed territory of Nagorny Karabakh, de jure part of Azerbaijan but wholly run by its majority Armenian population after a bloody conflict broke out as the Soviet Union began to break up. This is the oldest still-running conflict in the wider Europe, dating back to 1988 (…)

On books during the Middle Ages, plus some interesting etymological notes by way of Lapham Quarterly:

(…) In medieval Western Europe, the book was an essential tool for rational debate, but its power went beyond reason (…)

From Real Life Mag, regarding gaming chairs:

(…) new orifices are created and penetrated by hardware which subsequently overtake the body. The gaming chair is similarly predatory, but its effect is more of a slow paralysis — eroding bodily functions until all that remains are those which merge with the computer, a process defined by bodily decay rather than carnal awakening (…)

From Synnefo, on recent developments in nuclear fusion technologies for deep space missions:

(…) Though the lattice confinement technique is not yet ready for practical applications, it has tremendous potential, both terrestrially and, due to the safety and compactness of the procedure, extraterrestrially. (…)

From Emmet Penney at the Bellows, on a decarbonization and a Nuclear Green Deal:

(…) a carbon-free and abundant future is possible. We must commit ourselves to an American Prometheanism, a commitment to persevere and excel through even the toughest of problems by virtue of industry and pursuit of the public good. (…)