Linkstorm II

Some Notes on Narrative, from our good friend Sonya Mann: (…) narrative is about drawing a salience line. You could say that narrative is a way to relate connections, but given that for each of us, our perception is the reality that we occupy — perhaps narrative creates the connections. (…)

From Real Life Mag, on Google Earth and “the World’s best selfie”: “(…) The smooth, uncanny constructions are designed to facilitate an endless consumption of the earth, much like the escalator carried shoppers frictionlessly through a mall. (…)”

From The Atlantic, on Jacques Monod, Marxist biology, and chance:(…) The implication that plants, animals, and, by extension, people, could be shaped in any desirable way, unconstrained by heredity, fit with Marxist theory. Traditional genetics was therefore an obstacle to the Soviet struggle—“reactionary,” “bourgeois,” and “erroneous,” as Lysenko described it—and to be banned. (…)

From Zero Hedge, rumors of conspiracy and revolution in the US:(…) The CIA is very experienced at color revolutions, having pulled them off in a number of countries where the existing government did not suit the CIA.  As we have known  since CIA Director John Brennan’s denunciations of President Trump, Trump doesn’t suit the CIA either. As far as the CIA is concerned, Trump is no different from Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, Charles de Gaulle, Manuel Zelaya, Evo Morales, Viktor Yanukovych, and a large number of others. (…)

From the Library of BAPexandria, an excellent reflection on the quixotism of our age is found in Cervantes and simulation: “(…)“Quixotic” takes on a new, more pathetic meaning in this context. Rather than being driven by a whimsical idealism to achieve illusory goals, as the term is popularly understood, it instead means to be animated by a dead way of life, to be bereft of imparted meaning from the world you inhabit and to bumble through it driven by Zombie Ideas.(…)”