Linkstorm V

Geoff Shullenberger’s new article for The New Atlantis, on predictions for the election: “(…) When reality and a model of that reality appear to be mismatched, in other words, we may discard the model, or we may discard reality. (…)”

James’ Simpkin’s new Medium article in his series about drone warfare and Necro-Ethics (read the whole thing): “(…) Possibly it is easier to harm a person when he is unable to observe our actions than when he can see what we are doing.’ (p.118). The drone pilot does not experience the pain and terror, shame and embarrassment of the victim; doesn’t have to look into the victim’s eyes. (…)”

Mexican zapatist guerrillas aren’t having López Obrador’s grievance politics: “(…) ‘Neither the Spanish State nor the Catholic Church have to ask us for forgiveness for anything. We will not echo the fakers who ride on our blood and thus hide that their hands are stained with it’ (…)

Techno-utopian discourses regarding blockchain in the Pacific (via Emmet Penney’s excellent podcast Ex.haust): “(…) Decentralised control bypasses democracy or sovereignty, and this has the potential to shift power within a country and place all manner of market transactions outside regulation. (…)”