Linkstorm VI

Some funny mathematical jokes on Big Game Hunting: “(…) We place a spherical cage in the desert, enter it, and lock it. We perform an inversion with respect to the cage. The lion is then in the interior of the cage, and we are outside.(…)”

The Other Life Course on Leo Strauss, with Michael Millerman (PhD), has been already announced (and provided a reading list): “(…) An 8-week masterclass on the mysterious and highly influential German Jewish political theorist. Very few understand the ideas of Leo Strauss, yet he’s influenced everyone from tech elites like Peter Thiel, to high-ranking American politicos such as Paul Wolfowitz, to internet phenoms like Bronze Age Pervert. (…)”

Curtis Yarvin aka Mencius Moldbug’s take on the election: “(…) Though I did not put this in writing, not from responsibility but just out of cowardice, I did go around telling people IRL that my preferred outcome was “it looks like Trump wins, then it looks like Biden steals it from him.” [Note: not to brag, but we predicted this here a few hours in advance]

A British Columbia University PhD dissertation on floating cities (don’t be afraid, there’s lots of cool pictures and you don’t need to read the whole thing): “(…) The use of a floating house or an amphibious house can now be seen in various cities across the planet. These houses are attached to the shoreline and can easily adapt to the sea-level change. Although this idea is not entirely new, for some reason a floating city has not yet been successful. Various designs have been presented at different times but so far, no design has succeeded. (…)”

Our friend Tundranaut keeping it short and simple: “(…) America is not a young land (…).”