Linkstorm VII

From J. Simpkin’s new installment of his Necro-Ethics series on drone warfare: “(…) with the advent of the drone the temptations of a technological fix raised its head once more. This time around, the precision strike capability drones supposedly possessed would ensure kills without casualties. Strategists were also seduced by the apparent opportunity drone warfare presented for flipping the script of insurgents’ asymmetric tactics back on them by ‘depriving the enemy of an enemy’ (…)”.

Finally, a new and long-awaited article from Jacobite Magazine, this time by Nicholas Hausdorf: “(…) The nation grows from the network, the large space turns network again.(…)”.

On historical and generational cycles, from type studies: “(…) For early humans, this cosmic order of time and generation was inevitably, periodically disrupted by catastrophic events that would create an indelible imprint on all those who live through it, leading to the emergence of a distinct cohort generation, “but there seemed little need to insist on a rigorous definition. As time passed on, so too would ‘that generation,’ and then all would be as before.” (…)

From Real Life Magazine, Decision Trees: “(…) because no place is spared from human activity, whether in the form of climate change or the spread of invasive species, undoing human effects will require more intervention in a landscape, not less. In this vision, machinic sensing systems monitor changes in a landscape, cross-reference them with predictive models of the near future, and administer a response they deem appropriate using the technical prostheses of drones and other robots. (…)”

On the shape of hand grenades, by way of Isegoria: “(…) It always seemed to me that a hand grenade should be the size and weight of a baseball, since most (American) soldiers have — or used to have — a lot of experience throwing baseballs, but I assumed the size and weight wouldn’t work. (…)”

On voting, by Speculum Criticum: “(…) do not put your faith in an “engaged citizenry,” especially if you are a part of it, unless you know what is making them (and yourself) engaged, and in what spirit (…)”