Linkstorm VIII

A new public post by Moldbug: (…) Protocol transparency means banning secret Internet protocols, at least for monopolies. Governments can tame the platform dragons—tame, not slay, though they will squeal as if being slain—by compelling them to use only free, published network protocols. (…)

Woke religion is hindering space exploration, according to the National Review: “(…) The idea that after half a century without a life-detection mission being sent to Mars, NASA should spend billions of dollars of the taxpayers’ money and a decade’s worth of the efforts of a talented team of scientists and engineers to create one, only to send it to a place where it is least likely to find life, is patently absurd. Yet this is what the planetary-protection program has reduced us to.(…)”

Apparently, lockdowns do not prevent traffic accident deaths: “(…) traffic fatality rates increased 30% in the second quarter as evidence suggests drivers engaged in more risky behavior (…)”

A history of gout: “(…) Writing of the romantic aura of tuberculosis in the 19th century, Sontag argues that, metaphorically, gout was TB’s antithesis: The gout-ridden were guilty of consuming too much, while those dying of TB were themselves consumed, eaten away from the inside (thus the disease’s popular name, consumption). (…)”

James Simpkin’s Necro-Ethics series has provided another excellent installment: “(…) the ability of the state or sovereign to wage war is still grounded in the bodies of the populace it deploys onto the battlefield. Historically, this gave the people a certain power against the sovereign in times of war, for, as Chamayou argues: ‘if power is embedded in our bodies, we can always refuse to offer them’. However, the advent of drone warfare undermines this power (…)”