Linkstorm IX

Fantastic article by Geoff Shullenberger at “Outside Theory”: “(…) Metamodernism, as it was originally defined, embodied a search for earnest, even naïve, conviction amidst the fragmented cultural sphere of mediatized hypercapitalism that had incubated postmodern irony. The Trump presidency permitted liberals to imagine themselves as insurgents against fascist totalitarianism and to recast partisan politics as a Cold War spy thriller. (…)”

A story of the division in America, through Ken McAloon’s “Newtonian politics” series: “(…) The Age of Industrial Capitalism was giving way to the Age of Financial Capitalism. Big Industry was yielding to Big Capital. And the 1980s and 1990s would see the country fracture along new fault lines. To the Newtonian pattern of action/reaction would be added a new process of division from the top down. (…)”

From type studies, another installment on theories of generational type: “(…) Indeed, it is the generation in their youth who are best able to perceive the shadow and shortcomings of their the generation that raises them, who are themselves reacting to the shadow of their parents in late elderhood, forming an oppositional dynamic between familial lineage and peer cohort generations.”

A story on University’s nature as a mystic body: “(…) As a corpus mysticum, the university is a corporation in a different sense than the modern business enterprise. Because students and professors were the embodied corpus mysticum, regents or janitors, for instance, do not themselves belong to the university proper. They are attached outsiders.”

From Aeon, on the science of peripersonal space, and exaptation: “(…) While an adaptation is a new trait that was selected for the way it improved an organism’s fitness, exaptations retool existing useful structures for new purposes. A classic example of exaptation concerns the role of feathers in birds, which would have been originally selected due to their role in thermoregulation and only later co-opted for flight. (…)”