Linkstorm XI

Easy Answers, from Real Life mag:(…) doctors’ ability to easily look up medical information causes overconfidence that leads to misdiagnoses. “Self-questioning,” the authors write, “morphs from ‘What do I know?’ to ‘Where can I find it?’”

Vae victis at Gray Mirror: “(…) With Trump as his instrument, God has taught us beyond any doubt that, fucked as America may be, fucked as America is, we still have a market for dreams. (…)”

Notes on Anon Twitter, at Quartal Harmonies: “(…) The half-world is composed of people who know each other and take pleasure in knowing each other. The fully anon demimonde is ashamed that they have no real social connections to the people they think are cool online. (…)”

On Spelling, by dear friend Sonya Mann: “(…) When you habitually think in certain ways, dwell on certain topics, that changes your brain. Physically — “neural pathways” or whatever the correct jargon may be. Repeatedly evoking gratitude in yourself carves grooves of goodness through your cognition. (…)”

Bonus war anecdote via Isegoria: “(…) “(…)no war was complete unless a little fun could be had out of it(…)” (…)”