Linkstorm XII

A mission statement from friendly blog Type Studies: “(…) a research project that explores models on life and their similarities. It focuses on types, exemplary generalizations that sacrifice precision for explanatory power (…)”

Curtis Yarvin’s sequel to Schmitt’s The Nomos of the Earth: “(…) The heart of modern international law is the right of the international community, which just happens to be shaped rather like the 200-year-old Anglo-American empire, to distinguish between ethical and unethical war, and use the former to stop the latter. (…)”

Great video account of English Civil War factions by Justine Brown: “(…) story of the splintering of the Parliamentary cause in the English Civil War (or Wars of the Three Kingdoms) through the figure of General Thomas Fairfax. (…)”

Some takes on Futurist dining: “(…) Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, the father of Futurism and a dedicated provocateur, would be crestfallen to discover how closely his most incendiary gastronomical pronouncement aligns with the views of today’s low-carb crusaders. (…)”

Anti-drone drones, from Russia, with love: “(…) Russia is developing a helicopter drone to assist anti-aircraft weapon systems in their counter-UAV mission. The project, accelerated shortly after the recent conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan began in mid-2020, will fill a gap in Russia’s military capabilities.(…)”