Linkstorm XVI

Doxometrist is a very exciting recent discovery: “(…) If you find any of the questions new and thought – provoking, you’ve just been vaccinated. Vaccinated against being told about the topic by someone manipulative. Or against being surprised by a question on your stance on that. (…)”

Short poem titled “Armada of the gulf“, via Logos Literature: “(…) Triumph sings the piston, / vengeful spins the gear. / Grand, the ship emerges, / glory!—fair the cheer. (…)”

Curtis Yarvin’s Gray Mirror, always returnins a hi-fi image: (…) Fact: the proles are the victims here. The perpetrator is Big Tech—which has marketing profiles on all their customers, has algos that can smell a prole in three clicks, and, if it wasn’t too busy making money by promoting violence, could easily block all proletarian access to complex, inflammatory, easily-misunderstood stories (…)”

Isegoria pointing to the right stuff for you: “(…) When the Korean War began, T. R. Fehrenbach explains (in This Kind of War), the United States had no experience handling hostile prisoners of war (…)”

Geoff Shullenberger offers a very interesting course on René Girard: “(…) The interdisciplinary theorist René Girard’s work traces the sources of human conflict to the tendency to imitate, and identifies scapegoating as a fundamental means of social pacification. (…)”

BONUS TRACK (in Spanish), from the recently-opened blog Interferencia: “(…) ese europeo que “ha perdido la raíz de su heroico idealismo” y lo ha cambiado por “la ciega servidumbre a la realidad más aparente e inmediata” ya tiene un nombre y ya había existido unas pocas décadas atrás: es el sujeto propiamente totalitario. (…)”